Monday, July 04, 2011

New to me!

First, I just finished "Unwind", great suggestion!  What a thought, to go through raising a child almost to adulthood, then essentially giving it up as an organ donor?!?  This book gave me alot to think about, now I really want to talk to students and get their impressions.  Then I needed something fun to read so I chose "Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie" which was also a recommendation.  It was funny, clever, and gave me, maybe, so insight into the minds of freshmen boys.
Second, I have read several comments about "LibGuides."  I first thought it was just something new for the librarian to create, like pathfinders, but now I see it is a product for purchase.  Can anyone tell me more about it?  How much setup do I need to do if I am paying?  Do your students like it?  How does it support using databases?
I think I am going to create a LiveBinder page for the high school.  It will at least be a good starting point as I collect websites and discover what my new teachers want for their students.
Any ideas on breaking the ice with a staff?  Besides always having chocolate available?
I am getting excited about this!!!

Here's my new theme for a while, The New Adventures of a Old Librarian!

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