Saturday, July 30, 2011


I always know I am trying to juggle too many things when I start dithering about the less important ones, like, what should I wear tomorrow?  Or stop for gas before work or after?  Well, here is my dithering dilemma for today, what should I put in my school library office to make a good first impression.  Silly, I know, but still ... should I hang my degrees or does that seem pretentious?  Family pictures or not?  My professional books? 
I do know that I will be rotating some of my favorite quotations about education and libraries, and that there will always be a candy jar, and soft music.  I will have the AASL standards at the ready along with our state's common core standards, and any district initiatives. These are non negotiables.
What do you think?  What is non negotiable to you? 
Any suggestions you can give me?

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Goldiebug said...

Your office sounds like it will be a welcoming place!