Saturday, December 12, 2009

I wonder?

I just saw a posting on LM_Net from the California library organization that says they are offering a 23 things challenge. You know, learning about new Web 2.0 technology a week at a time? I am wondering if that is something we can do here in Ohio. Why not? How does one get something like that started? This sounds like a New Year's resolution to me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Link to Booklink online article

I am still learning my way through the world of online. I just realized that I never connected the Booklinks online article I co-wrote with Christina to this blog. It is the article that shares ways to use some of the AASL's award winning websites for teaching and learning. Well, I'm going to try, so here goes nothing ...

Let me know if this works or not!

Conference reflections

First things first, here are the items I told folks I would post.
Video from AASL standards presentation
Website address for AASL's Top 25 websites for teaching and learning

And, my 6 word "memoir" list to start one thinking about 21st century learning:

Change happens, but for the better?
21st century brings new challenges, great!
Rest your curriculum on great standards.
Wash, rinse, repeat. Introduce, revisit, master.
When are busy students productive learners?
Reading for pleasure, a lost art?
Remember why you chose this career?
21st century is here, you ready?
Students moving ahead of us, yikes!
Be the change, make it happen.
Is inquiry encouraged when you teach?

Our latest state conference, OELMA 2009 was a great success! One the the best ways to measure the success of a conference is how much it causes you to reflect on what you currently do, and how you can improve it. I am still thinking, and reflecting, and making a plan to integrate at least one change this week!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Successful Web 2.0 integration

As part of my orientation this week, I talked with my students about the importance of words. No surprise there, I am always calling on them to "wordsmith" and detail their writing. After reading a book about words (Max's Words or The Boy Who Collected Words), and then talking about the kinds of books we like to read, I brought up the website "Wordle" on the Smartboard. (This is one of the sites on AASL's Top 25 websites for Teaching and Learning.) I had each student give me one word to describe the kind of book they liked to read. Once everyone had a turn, we created a word cloud. The kiddos loved it! We followed it up with ideas of ways to use Wordle in class. They had great ideas.
Now that each class has visited, I have 16 word clouds and I am making a quilt of these clouds to show what our students think about reading. In a week, the school board will be having their September meeting in our school, and they will pass this display and the blurb that describes this process of using 21st century tools.
One of my goals this year is to model the teaching and learning websites by using them with students myself, I'm off to a good start!

Monday, August 31, 2009

New school year, new opportunities!

One week of school under my belt, and I am still excited about this year! My students are so thrilled to be back in the library media center, even "nagging" their teachers to schedule orientation times with me so that they would be able to begin their flexible check out. What powerful advocates they are, both to their teachers and their parents. In response to that, I plan to extend and enhance that enthusiasm in every way possible.

Here are my goals for this school year:
  • I will share the newest technology and Web 2.0 sites available and offer ways to use them to foster inquiry and learning;
  • I will use any means at my disposal (book fairs, grant writing, PTO requests, and more) to continually make available new book titles and share them with students both in whole class and individual student situations.
  • I will suggest curriculum tie ins to my faculty, and offer to collaborate.
  • I will maintain my cheery disposition all day every day even if those around me are not.
  • I will find time to professionally develop myself, make time to share with library colleagues, and make time for myself personally!

Monday, August 10, 2009

How new are our new AASL standards?

I have read the new standards. I have read the books expanding on the new standards. I have come to the conclusion that they are not new -- they are intrinsic beliefs. Of course, I believe that reading is the cornerstone for the library, media center, or whatever you call your learning space. I practice inquiry with my students, whether it be whole class, small groups, or individuals. My question is: don't you? If you don't, why not??
I will continue to discuss the standards and indicators in the upcoming days, feel free to comment.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ready for a new school year!

As I get ready to start a new year I am deciding what focus I want. Of course, I want to do it all; reading support, curriculum integration, cutting edge technology; but I know the reality is, once school actually starts, and the nitty gritty of daily life begins, it will be hard to stay out of a rut.
My current thoughts include: a rotating book display with student reviews (literacy), grade level teacher technology classes (technology), and monthy tech nights for families (community outreach).
Will I be able to follow though with all of this? I hope so. My overarching goal is to implement the AASL standards for 21st century learners; primarily concentrating on reading and inquiry.
Feel free to share with me any ideas you have for this year.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I Read


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some questions that have me wondering

I have started reading David Loertscher's book "The New Learning Commons: Where learners win!" and have several questions I would love to discuss with other media specialists.

Should we acquire the books kids want to read vs. acquire the books adults think the children need to be reading? This is a greater question than just the budget issue.

Along with this, should we allow students to check out as many books as they can be responsible for vs. a tightly controlled number (like 2 books apiece)?

Loerscher's book asks us to rethink our "open and they will come to us" philosophy. We should think more like the creators of Google. What do you think?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back from ALA

I had a wonderful time at ALA, met some fabulous people, got to work with some committees, AND got free books! That is what I call a win-win situation! I was there for the awards ceremony, nothing like it! Have already ordered "The Graveyard" and "House in the Night" from Amazon.
Because we have had 2 snow days, I have had time to think about all the cutting edge ideas I heard and ways to implement some of them. I will add more later after I have processed this.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long weekend in the cold and snow!

Well, Mother Nature saw fit to give us an especially long weekend and I am using it to catch up on reading by the fireplace in my jammies! I've tried to read, or at least skim, books that have been mentioned as a possible Newbery contender -- so far Savvy and A Curse as Dark as Gold are at the top of my list. As for Caldecott, I'm at a real loss. Maybe Kevin Henkes' Old Bear or The Black Book of Colors. Needless to say I can't wait for next Monday to find out! I am also reading the newest Stephanie Plum novel, just for fun.
Are any of these things on my to do list, not really; so now I am back at the computer trying to update my webpage and prepare for when school does start again.
Hope to see lots of folks at ALA Midwinter!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A new year, new items on to do list!

No, these are not new year resolutions, these are TO DO! Hopefully, this semantic ploy will nudge me towards completion of these plans.
1. Organize myself - a neverending task! But, I finally got a Palm, and am putting all my dates from all my calendars into it. Will this keep me from missing meetings? Time will tell. (To get all my contacts entered, I enlisted the help of my best teenage friend who makes these techno things look so easy!)
2. Find me time! This time, found when I become organized, will be spent reading new books, and writing whatever suites my fancy!
3. Create some authentic goals. What do I want to be involved with by next year, five years from now, ten even?
4. Immerse myself in a new technology, find out what it can really do, and share that with at least one other person. (Like my SmartBoard!)

OK, I am tired now, just thinking about all of this. But I will work toward these goals, and maybe share how well I am succeeding or not!