Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Check it out!

That is the QR code to the library media center survey.  It is done in Google docs, and it has a Bitly URL for those who can't access by SmartPhone!  Wow!  I now have all my new technologies done for the year!  OK, not really, but this is so cool, and so easy.  (I will give your the site address to do this and you can look cool, too.  Just don't tell anyone else, otherwise everyone will be doing it and none of us will be cool.)  I used the site, to create the code.  You just title your Code and enter the URL address and, just like magic, you have one of these boxes.  Then I used  to shorten the absurdly long URL address of the google doc survey, and PRESTO!

I'm back to my getting ready for school stuff now.  Book marks to be copies, new signage (Yes! using QR codes!) and the other hundred  assorted things that are not teaching but that make the teaching easier.

Don't you work too hard, either!

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Goldiebug said...

We just started an experiment putting QR codes on a booklist, so that patrons can snap the code and be sent right to the library catalog to see if the book is in. I think it's a little redundant, since they are putting the bookmarks out in the library, so you are already here and can just walk two steps to the catalog ;-) But maybe they will use the QR code when they get home later. We'll see. Kudos to you for starting to incorporate them in your work. Let us know what feedback you get! Christina