Saturday, June 25, 2011

Turning the page

Well, it's official, I am a high school librarian.  Time to start reflecting, what skills do I already have for this new space?  I know the AASL standards, know about AASL's lesson plan database, know about AASL's Common Core Crosswalks.  I know search strategies, information literacy, and reader's advisory.  I am frantically reading YA literature.  Still to learn, high school curriculum (Yikes!), high school humor, and my new staff (of over 100 people).   I know about databases, but need to learn the ins and outs of the databases used by the kids.  I know about our district's online campus, but need to learn how to use it with students.

I need some help!  Do you have a "go to" database/resource that you couldn't teach without?  I would love to know about it.  Is there one book that I simply must read before I start back to school?  Leisure reading or professional.  Do you have a sure fire way to introduce yourself to staff and/or students, and to get to know them as well?

If you look at my YA reading list you will notice I have no problem reading YA fantasy!  How about some help with the other genres?

I am a pioneer on a new frontier, and I could sure use some guides.  I would love to hear from you!


DMS Library Lizards said...

Unwind by Neil Schusterman is a great read. So is the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.

DMS Library Lizards said...

Oh...and congrats on the new job!!

debf said...

I am so impressed with your vigor as you face new challenges! I know you are going to be fabulous even as you are learning! I think you missed one VERY vital point in your reflection on what you already have for this space. You have an openness to learn! This will be the best assets to you and those around you!
I will tweet your post to help get your words out!
~best wishes!

Goldiebug said...

I second the rec for Unwind and the Hunger Games trilogy. (and a sequel to Unwind is being written, yay!) Read some Sarah Dessen, for realistic "chick lit" teen stuff. You should be familiar with Ellen Hopkins, too, just so that you know their content and style (written in verse, dealing with heavy topics like drug & alcohol use and sex). They are very popular but controversial. Maureen Johnson, Libba Bray, Walter Dean Myers, I can't think of others right now. but those are all non-fantasy (except for Libba's early trilogy)