Sunday, May 01, 2011

May day!

The first day of May, a day to surprise your neighbors with flowers or dance around a Maypole.  Not for those of us in education!  Yikes, is my first thought, so much left to do -- where to fit it all in?  My teaching schedule is full of classes trying to finish that one last project and me trying to get ready for an inventory at the same time.  It's an age old conundrum, customer service or library management?  Which do you take care of first?  Usually I fit in every class and worry about things like inventory once the school year is over.  This happens on my own dime, no extended contract here.  But this year, with all of the bad feelings and turmoil about the state of education and the value of teachers, I am giving serious reflection to how I finish out the year.  Does professionalism equate to volunteerism?  Where do my  passion for my career and my love of my students factor in?  Are you having the same qualms?  Do  you have a plan to solve your dilemma?

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