Sunday, May 08, 2011

Books about mothers

On this special Sunday I am thinking of books I love that have a strong mother theme.  These books make me think not only about motherhood, but the way other characters think about mothers. The first book I think of is "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMN."  The lengths that Mrs. Frisby goes to protecting her family are amazing.  She faces every fear she has, all in the name of mother's love.  This next book does not have a mother in the story, but instead demonstrates and the different ways people in  your life can make  you feel loved and cared for.  "Everything on a Waffle" shows the unwavering faith of a little girl, and the town who cares for her each in their own way.  And finally, "One Crazy Summer" which chronicles 3 little girls attempts to connect with their mother, only to discover that mother's love is not a guarantee, but their love for each other can help assuage the pain of finding this out.
I having been trying for years to write a book about my mother's childhood, to keep alive the memories of her idyllic moments, and save the memories for future generations of family.  Do you share books with mother's themes with your students?  If so, do you share the broad spectrum of motherhood books that are available?  Do all of your students have the same type of mothers?  Are these reflected in your book choices?

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