Thursday, March 05, 2015

Signs of Spring?

Some people can tell spring is coming when certain birds arrive, or when they begin to see grass again, I know when I once again find myself proctoring the standardized test. Here I sit, watching students slog through a test that they took on this one day at this one time could potentially keep them from graduating with their peers.
      I am trying to use this time to make my final book order of the year.  I'm looking for some good books beyond the few trending titles; books for the discriminating reader.  If you have one with good circulation in your library, drop me a note, and I will post a list. 

This is the book that is "hot" in my library right now, we are using it for Battle of the Books and students are coming back raving!  "I cried more at the end of this than Fault in Our Stars!
Even better, one of my students discovered this book and shared
it with me. 

It might be wishful thinking on my part, but it seems as though
I have more students reading for pleasure.  If not, more students
than ever are stopping at the circ desk to talk about what they
are reading. This is such fun; I am working on a way to use
this energy to share books using social media.

Ah well, these are the things I think about when proctoring,
everything I would like to do if I could only find the time!

How about you?

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