Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Walking the race!

There are many sprited discussions in my various professional development  places; most of which are debates about our role as school librarians in the whole school program.  Many great points and ideas from all; but for the rest of this year I am going to continue to dogpaddle as best I can!
The plans for our first Battle of the Books are going strong -- a subcommittee from my student advisory board is planning the entire event.  Another subcommittee went with me to the local bookstore to purchase books with the money from a grant received to increase our fiction section.  I have just ordered some gaming style chairs for the fiction section to make a comfortable corner.  On the surface, these things are not as substantial as co-designing units of study, or presenting professional development to the faculty; but I believe that my first order of business as an embedded media specialist is to create a space for teaching and learning that is a place where students want to be. 
Once students begin to feel invested, they will become a force that will help the rest of the program evolve.  Building a repore with teachers is a slow and steady process, done one day at a time.   Continuing to keep a viable, relevent program that meets the needs of faculty, students, and parents is one of those slow and steady races that have an important finish line -- students who become effective 21st century citizens.
What kinds of things do you do to build a learning commons that reflects the needs and wants of your community?

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