Saturday, April 14, 2012

A five year plan?

I'm back from the Virginia Hamilton Multicultural Literature Conference, which was awesome, as usual.  Today I have been reflecting on what I learned.  I was once again reminded at the sheer amount of work it takes to write or illustrate a well-done book.  The planning, research, working, revising that goes into it, then it is sent off and comes back for more of the same.  I think we need to approach our work in managing and promoting the media center the same way; we have take the time to plan -- our day, our week, the school year, and a five  year plan.  These will take research, what are my objectives; evaluate and rebuild a collection?  Move toward a learning commons atmosphere? Build a collaborative teaching environment?  Any of these will take time to plan, enact, revisit and revive.  If we do the prep work and the follow through we should have the data we need to demonstrate the continued need for 21st century media centers.  And, of course, their continued support.
To this end I am spending the rest of the weekend on my year in review, where I will show the media center contribution to the building and district goals, my plans for next year, and a five year plan. 
How do you demonstrate your "well done book?"

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