Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wondering and Rambling Thoughts

Are  the holidays here?  I guess it depends on whether yours begins before or after school is out for the winter break!! I have 3 days (but who's counting?) before my official holiday break-- two weeks with no alarm clock, a stack of books to read, and no schedule run by bells!
I've been doing a lot of reading about trends in education, the flipped classroom, curating instead of collecting, uses for cell phones in classrooms and all of these have me thinking -- can we convince the educator leaders that school libraries are the next great trend? After all, we can flip, our media centers.  They can be used to accommodate the inquiry learning of individuals, small groups, or large classes.  We can share all the potentials of smart phones (and how to get information without one!), and all the other new technologies.  We curate all the time, by pulling collections, in print and online.  Thinking about this, those educational leaders should say we are their most economical investment in education!  Anyone out there using these tools for 21st century learning with their faculty?  Do you have a winning strategy for building that collaboration?

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