Friday, November 11, 2011

Further reflections from AASL conference

It has been two weeks since the AASL conference and I am reflecting on what exactly were my take-aways from the conference, and what one thing am I going to do as a result of what I learned.  I literally took away many free books and catalogs and cards from the vendors who participated -- and really enjoyed taking the time to really talk to them about what is happening in school libraries today, and tomorrow.  I learned a great deal about ebooks (I need to "put on my big girl panties" and jump on this train!) and got a few ideas for funding the project.  From my peers I learned about collaboration ideas, curation rather than collection, and how one person can actually affect change.   As a result of the conference, I am now using Scoop it to collect articles about curation and 21st century education.  (Check out, easy, free and informative!) 
What one thing am I doing as a result of what I learned?  That is the hard one, folks.  Because I am in a new building and grade level, I don't have the collaborative piece here yet.  So, I am trying to zero in on one teacher from each content area with whom to build a dialogue; it may lead to my team teaching, collaborating, or even just assisting with a project, but I have decided that one person can affect change, and this year that one person will be me.

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