Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great start to a year of teaching and learning (tall students!)

Almost 3 weeks of high school under my belt, and I have learned two things; first, that students are students whatever their age.  They all want help, independence, acknowledgement, encouragement,and acceptance!  They love a space that makes them feel welcome and that gives them a sense of ownership.

Second, there are many, many things I DON'T know about high school idiosyncrasies!  At the end of each day, I mentally tally up what I have accomplished versus what confounded me, on a good day it is a tie.  It does make me appreciate what it feels like to be a new (student) in a new school.  Everything is done slightly differently, teachers want things done in a certain way that is not the way I learned, who is willing to be friendly and make me feel comfortable?

Happily, I say that I embrace change, and so I am changing, with a smile on my face.  Everyday I know the names of more students, I find one more thing I have been looking for, and I make another connection with a teacher.  Change is hard, but it is good -- I am definitely learning more than teaching right now!

Here's hoping that your school year is also off to a great start! 

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