Saturday, September 24, 2011

What are you reading? Are you reading?

At this moment by my bed I have Glow, ThisDarkEndeavor, The Wizard Heir, WinterTown, as well as The Art and Science of Teaching, and every book on inquiry that I own.  Out by my favorite chair in the living room I have a mountain of magazines, Woman's Day, Oprah, Rachel Ray, Prevention, School Media Monthly, and LMC.  And let's not begin talking about what's on my Kindle.   Is this an example of literacy gone wrong?   Do you feel like you read for enjoyment, for information, or because you are trying to keep up with the librarian "Jones's"?  Is this how our students feel?  With the continued push for nonfiction comprehension and required readings for college prep is it any wonder that students do not check out fiction in the high school? (I know, I know, every library has that group of "bookies" who drop in weekly to check out stacks of books.)
Is there anything we can do in the media center to give students the gift of time to read?  Is luring them into the library with events, games, even food givng them a reading opportunity or just filling the room?  I am really struggling with this question, let me know what you think.

On a different thread, I am looking for a site that gives lists of "If you liked this, read that" type of thing. 
If you know of one would you please send me the link?

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You are a versatile blogger! Check it out! :)