Saturday, August 27, 2011

First week of school

What a week! Almost 7,000 textbooks checked out, which means 7,000 students passing through the library doors. Our students come in by class to get their textbook checked out, so many students were in 3 and 4 times in a day.  Every time I looked up from the computer, I saw a sea of bodies; tall, filled out bodies with loud voices attached. The first time I looked up and saw a bearded face looking back at me, I did a double take.  This is so different from my previous life in the elementary.
But, what was the same?  The energy in the room, students ready for a new year, with new opportunities. Students dying to get to the new books that arrived over the summer, sneaking in between classes to grab a handful of titles.  Teachers who need materials, yesterday!, and others who want to plan a time to plan.
My reflection on this week?  the media center houses resources in all formats, but the students bring the life to the room!  My long term goal for this year is to harness that energy, and use it to make the physical space the "center" of the school; a place where all feel welcome, comfortable, and supported, in social as as well as academic ways.  I want this space to become a true learning commons that is shaped by what kind of learning is happening, and a place where students want to share their learning.  And of course, I will be looking for the joy in everyday!
I will be learning so much this year and am hoping to get help from all of you as I experience life in a high school.

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Kristin said...

7000 students? Holy cow! My hat is off to you!