Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is my job getting in the way of my real work?

Ever tried not doing your job for a few days and just be an available presence in your library?  Last week, I did just that.  The bookfair had been scheduled for the media center but at the last minute it was moved to an empty classroom; so I had not planned with any teachers for this week.  Instead of rapidly filling my time, I decided to just "be" in the library and see what happened.  What a great week!  I had time to talk with students about what they were reading, what their projects were, and what they liked about the library.  Because I was in the library by myself, my assistant was in the bookfair madness, I asked students for their help on various things that came up, and they were so glad to help!  They were thrilled with the time for a one on one conversation with me, excited to be given trust and responsibility, and the week was a joyful one!  I made movies with  Pixie, edited narratives, searched for websites, and read books. Now I know I can't just abandon my work, but I will make time to just be; it is too important not to be too busy to spend quality time with students.  Now I remember why I went into this line of work!

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