Sunday, May 20, 2012

Racing to the end (of the school year)

Well, my seniors are gone. Friday was their last day so things were very busy with everyone returning books and paying fines.  I have stacks of textbooks beginning, what will it look like in two weeks?  I am still working on my end of year report, it keeps getting put to the side with all of these other things that need an immediate response.  I am also in the middle of my fiction reorganization, translated that means a real mess!  My assistant and I are checking the record of every book to be sure it shows where the book will be located, very slow right now, but should pay off big next school year.  My students have been very excited at the idea of books shelved by genre, and many have helped us with the relocation.  I am very pleased with the ownership my kiddoes have taken with the media center!  Change is good, if it is for a purpose, and mine is to continue to construct our learning commons, with students often taking the lead.  They are requesting book titles, using the media center to construct their own learning, teach me about new web sites and technology, and push me to keep up with them.
I hope you are racing to the end of your school year with energy and excitement as well.

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