Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday afternoon review

The library is quiet.  In fact, the entire building is quiet.  It is the Friday afternoon that starts the Labor Day weekend, and everyone else hit the door running.  I wanted to wrap up a few more things so they wouldn't haunt me over the weekend, but instead I am sitting here savoring the calm and thinking over the school year.  I walked into this space one year ago, for a meeting with the principal, and I was so nervous.  A hug space, heck - huge students, four times the staff, all new curriculum and literature - how would I ever do it?
I fretted all summer, reading articles and quizzing my high school librarian friends.  All of a sudden, I have a year under my belt.  Would I do some things differently?  Of course.  I am proud of some things I started, yes.  The most important question of all, did I make a difference in the life of a students, I believe so.
Over this weekend, I will be doing a lot of thinking and probably sharing on this site; but for now, I am content, all in all it was a good year.
What are you proud of?  What will you improve next year?

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