Monday, February 21, 2011


I should have known that if I talked about the nice weather, it would change!  I am only getting rain (for now) but I see by the weather map (yes, I am a closet meteorologist) that many states are getting snow.  So, no more talk about weather -- let's talk books!  As I continue with my Newbery course, I realize that I don't really remember reading any Newberys until I was an adult taking literature classes.  Can you remember the first Newbery you read?   Of course, the first book I really remember hearing was "Charlotte's Web", is that the same for you?

On another theme,  as a school librarian do you plan your year (curriculum mapping), what you will teach at each grade level?  Do you wait to see what your teachers are teachers and then combine your instruction with theirs?  Or do you do some kind of combination?

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