Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring break - time to reflect and recharge

This has been a rough couple of months and I am really ready for this break!  The school library world is on a wild roller coaster ride without an end in sight.  I know that many of us will be faced with the fact that our libraries will no longer be maintained by certified media specialists, and am wondering what this will mean for our students and faculty.  Just in case this is my last year in one building, in a functioning program I love, I am going to use this week to decide how I want to finish this school year.  Do I try and cram in all the internet 21st century skills I know they will need for the next few years, or do I go back to the original reason I got into this career and share great children's literature to anyone who comes near?  Do I hide in my media center and wallow in my misery; I can't believe this is happening?  Why are "they" doing this to me?  Or do I continue to be an advocate for the things I know are important in the educational lives of my students?
Honestly, I spent the weekend wallowing -- reading children's books, eating chocolate and generally pining for the "good all days", now I think I am ready for action!  How about you?

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