Sunday, October 25, 2009

Link to Booklink online article

I am still learning my way through the world of online. I just realized that I never connected the Booklinks online article I co-wrote with Christina to this blog. It is the article that shares ways to use some of the AASL's award winning websites for teaching and learning. Well, I'm going to try, so here goes nothing ...

Let me know if this works or not!

Conference reflections

First things first, here are the items I told folks I would post.
Video from AASL standards presentation
Website address for AASL's Top 25 websites for teaching and learning

And, my 6 word "memoir" list to start one thinking about 21st century learning:

Change happens, but for the better?
21st century brings new challenges, great!
Rest your curriculum on great standards.
Wash, rinse, repeat. Introduce, revisit, master.
When are busy students productive learners?
Reading for pleasure, a lost art?
Remember why you chose this career?
21st century is here, you ready?
Students moving ahead of us, yikes!
Be the change, make it happen.
Is inquiry encouraged when you teach?

Our latest state conference, OELMA 2009 was a great success! One the the best ways to measure the success of a conference is how much it causes you to reflect on what you currently do, and how you can improve it. I am still thinking, and reflecting, and making a plan to integrate at least one change this week!