Monday, August 31, 2009

New school year, new opportunities!

One week of school under my belt, and I am still excited about this year! My students are so thrilled to be back in the library media center, even "nagging" their teachers to schedule orientation times with me so that they would be able to begin their flexible check out. What powerful advocates they are, both to their teachers and their parents. In response to that, I plan to extend and enhance that enthusiasm in every way possible.

Here are my goals for this school year:
  • I will share the newest technology and Web 2.0 sites available and offer ways to use them to foster inquiry and learning;
  • I will use any means at my disposal (book fairs, grant writing, PTO requests, and more) to continually make available new book titles and share them with students both in whole class and individual student situations.
  • I will suggest curriculum tie ins to my faculty, and offer to collaborate.
  • I will maintain my cheery disposition all day every day even if those around me are not.
  • I will find time to professionally develop myself, make time to share with library colleagues, and make time for myself personally!

Monday, August 10, 2009

How new are our new AASL standards?

I have read the new standards. I have read the books expanding on the new standards. I have come to the conclusion that they are not new -- they are intrinsic beliefs. Of course, I believe that reading is the cornerstone for the library, media center, or whatever you call your learning space. I practice inquiry with my students, whether it be whole class, small groups, or individuals. My question is: don't you? If you don't, why not??
I will continue to discuss the standards and indicators in the upcoming days, feel free to comment.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ready for a new school year!

As I get ready to start a new year I am deciding what focus I want. Of course, I want to do it all; reading support, curriculum integration, cutting edge technology; but I know the reality is, once school actually starts, and the nitty gritty of daily life begins, it will be hard to stay out of a rut.
My current thoughts include: a rotating book display with student reviews (literacy), grade level teacher technology classes (technology), and monthy tech nights for families (community outreach).
Will I be able to follow though with all of this? I hope so. My overarching goal is to implement the AASL standards for 21st century learners; primarily concentrating on reading and inquiry.
Feel free to share with me any ideas you have for this year.